Low rise residential building
Homage to Modirian
Limassol 2008


Luxury residential
Limassol, 2010

Exploring Linear Concepts

Residential complex
Germasoyia 2010

Medium rise

Residential Building
Germasoyia 2009

Low rise residential project

Residential use in a densely
populated urban tourist area
Germasoyia 2008

Park residence

Luxury apartments in the tourist area
Germasoyia 2006

The majestic villas

Limassol 2011

Urban luxury

Playful design
in a prime location
overlooking Limassol
Kalogiri areas

Forest park

Residential development
(C N B A Award)
Pissouri 2007

Pine Ridge

Residential Development
Pissouri 2009

Royal haven villas

Residential Developments
Luxury Villas
Germasoyia 2005

Rural development

Villa on plateau
overlooking the Mediterranean
Pissouri 2007

Luxury villas

slope development
Pissouri 2007

Zavos royal hills

Luxury Villas and Maisonettes
"Privacy and View" 2005

Exercise in materials and composition

Private Owned Villa
Limassol 2009


Private owned villa
Ekali 2010


Private owned villa
Ayios Athanasos

Urban volumes

Villa set in an urban
Germasoyia 2009


Private owned villa in Limassol
Limassol 2007

Urban villa

Private owned villa in Ekali
Ekali 2007

Rural luxury

Private owned villa in Palodia
Palodia 2008

Luxurious views

Luxurious low rise condo with 3 apartments
all re-oriented toward the Mediterranean views.
Limassol 2008

Urban distinction

Residential development in Limassol
tourist area with emphasis on the southern facade.
Limassol 2011