About us

"Professionalism is the only way to satisfy all clients!"

The Cyprus based architectural firm "Lazarou & Michael, Partners Architects" was founded in 1996 by the architects Lazarou Lazaros and Michael Michalis.

"Lazarou & Michael, Partners Architects" was ISO certified in 2004; one of the first offices in the country to be certified. It is one of the leading architectural offices in Cyprus regarding the number of undertaken projects, and is a trend-setter in aesthetic values, construction methods and modus operandi both in-house and on-site.

If there is a single word that describes our philosophy that would be Professionalism. We aim to provide our services, in every level, with the out-most professional way possible. We believe that this is the only way to satisfy all clients.

The basis of the firm's character, and its uniqueness for that matter, is the multilevel interaction oh different schools of thoughts, which the senior partners represent:

Mr. Lazarou, a graduate from IUAV, University Institute of Venice is the "representative" of the European design theory, while Mr. Michael, an alumnus of University of Wisconsin Graduate School, contributes the American approach to architecture.

Within them firm, this character is continued at all levels of staff, which represent further design theories through their international background ranging from Europe to the Middle East. this guarantees, that creativity and innovation is cultivated and actively pursued.

Depending on the project at hand, teams are formed; none the less there is also a high degree of specialization for each employee's duties, reaching from grand scale urban design to detail scale interior design.

Last but not least our firm is characterized by its heavy investment in technology. The firm implements the very latest CAD, 3D-modelling and rendering techniques with all information being archived electronically and an IT consultant always present.

What we do

Our firm has been involved in a variety of project as designers, contract managers (owner-contractor contracts) and project developers. Apart from developing new designs we are also professionals in historic preservation.

Through our highly interdisciplinary approach to spatial development, the firm's projects include commercial, residential and public buildings as well as private and public recreational landscape areas. The firm has also been involved in multiple other projects for individual owner, restaurants, shops interior remodeling, renovations etc.

Our focus concentrates on Cyprus, where we have completed a number of projects in all major cities, such as Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos plus further projects in various other places around the island. After having gained our first international experience with several projects in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, we are ready to expand to international level and to enter the property market in the adjacent Arabic sphere and mainland Europe.

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